Thursday, October 23, 2014

Call of Duty: World at War -- Level Design

Level Designer -- "Custom Zombie Map Maker" -- Call of Duty World At War

I have created quite a few popular and well respected zombie maps for the CoD Custom Community.

My mission is to always create a well designed, bug and glitch free experience that is both memorable and keeps the players coming back for more.

Below are a few examples of the 20+ levels I have created since starting in 2009.

Zombie Laboratory:

Release:  May of 2010

With this map my goal was to give an alternative to the traditional survive until you die game play.
Zombie Laboratory became the first map with an objective "win" type ending.  People now had the choice to beat it quickly or draw it out and enjoy the zombie experience at their leisure.

Dollhouse 2:

Release:  April of 2011

Designed to give a feel that you are very small "rat size".  Every thing was scaled approximately 8 to 10 times size.  Took a good amount of work but it really paid off as this is still one of my personal favorites.

Yote's Lair:

Release:  March of 2012

This was my first attempt at Der Reise (1.4 version) tools which was a large thing to learn in itself.

Easter eggs, new melee weapons, hedge maze, unique under water pack a punch area and large layout made for an all around great experience.

ZCT Arena:

Release:  March 2014

ZCT Arena is a hellish nightmare of a map.  Lots of fire and tense moments.  Players can earn platforms used for traversing the pit as well as for getting perks, using the random box, and end game.

Dead Ship:

Release:  October 2014

Fully crafted pirate ship with a highly detailed environment including background ambient audio, line emitters, and wonderfully designed environmental lighting all give a great sense of being stranded on an authentic pirate ship.

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